1. Budget of $20k for renovation, is it enough?

Yes, $20k is enough. Renovation usually starts from $10k. Feel free to send us an enquiry so our ID firms can give you a suitable quotation.


2. I’m looking for in-house renovation loan. I apply thru bank loan but got rejected. Need advice.

In idDepot, our interior design firms will help and advice you on the renovation loan. Simply include it in your enquiry and Interior design firm will give you the advice you need. Otherwise, we will forward your renovation loan enquiry to our selected bank representatives so they can further assist you.


3. What if I am unsure of the budget and what I want to do?

At idDepot, even if you are unsure of what to enquire, feel free to just leave your name and contact details and our staff will assist you.


4. I want to update the look and feel of my kitchen area. I have a very limited budget. Should I change the wall paint? Or do I need new countertops? Is it expensive? I am afraid that it would not fit into my budget.

For kitchen renovation it usually can be done for below $10k. Simply state your budget in your enquiry and our ID firms will advise you on what they can do for you with that amount. Most of the time it differs for individual cases.


5. How much will it cost to build a customised wardrobe?

For customised furniture it usually differs according to your budget. Our ID firms will do their best to assist you in getting the most out of the budget. In most cases complicated designs will definitely cost more and also the materials of your preference will also affect the cost.


6. How long does it take for the interior design firms to get back to me after submitting my enquiry?

We will process your enquiry as soon as you submit them. As for the interior design firms, they will get back to you as soon as they can.


7. How do I know if the interior design firm referred to me is good?

In our portal, we gather the recommended interior design firms in Singapore. Furthermore with multiple quotes for a single enquiry, you can definitely decide which is more suitable for you.


8. How do I know if my information/particulars are not abused?

In idDepot, your particulars are safe with us as we only give them to the Interior Design firms for quotation purposes.


9. How are we different from other portal?

In idDepot, we not only have customer service officer to attend to your needs and at the same time we are very efficient in handling your enquiries. Therefore we ensure that your time with us is not wasted.


10. Why is it better to send enquiry to idDepot as compared to going straight to the interior design firms?

With idDepot, you will only need to give your information once and be able to compare the packages offered by multiple interior design firms. This is a much more convenient route where you do not have to call up several interior design firms and repeat your enquiry over and over.


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